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Who would have thought that pursuing what I loved the most would bring me utmost satisfaction in life? I have always been a traveler. That strong passion has kept me exploring South America, savoring every moment immersed in each new country, a fresh culture, opening my heart and mind to learn from their way of life.

An experience I treasure so much is that gained while living and touring Argentina and Brazil. I hungered to understand the culture and people from the very roots. I lived in houses and neighborhoods quite alien to the comfort I knew while growing up. For the first time, I experienced sleeping under exposed roofs and broken floors in areas which were best known for their high rates in crime and prostitution. There were moments where I was completely unsure of the next day due to the very low income I received from teaching English. There was little to no water, internet, or electricity making it almost impossible to communicate with my loved ones. Many would’ve felt lost, sad, and confused in those moments, but I felt refined, excited, and more so passionate.

It was through that journey that I landed in my heart’s destined location. Salvador, Bahia Brazil. The place of magic where my family continues to grow and spend quality time together over the years, contributing to the culture in service and humility. I merged my culture together with the Brazilian culture, allowing me along the way to focus on family and fitness. I discovered awesome places in Brazil to work out; you would find me at public parks, beaches, gyms, the simplest of places, building onto my multi-cultural physical and mental health growth. As a result, I was able to mature as a man, experiencing tremendous personal growth.

In time, I was blessed with a grand gift – my son, who inspires me the most. His arrival boosted the true message of our brand, Fit By Culture, which focuses on health and wellness through the shaping and molding of each individual’s life experience, quality time spent with loved ones, friends, and most importantly, family. Our apparels are perfect for comfortable, healthy workouts at the gym but also double as hip and trendy outfits that are great for day-to-day activities.

Looking back at all the experiences I had while traveling, the good, bad, and ugly, I can proudly say I don’t regret the choices I made because they were all fueled by the burning passion I had to know, live, learn, and love foreign civilizations. I was molded by the diverse cultures, lifestyles, and languages I encountered in my journeys. Fit By Culture stresses that everything is possible with an open heart and mind to travel, culture, and growth through life’s experiences, while still focusing on an essential aspect of life, which is Health and Wellness. Fit By Culture allows you to be molded, not just physically but also as an individual, creating structures, discovering destinies, becoming more aware of cultures, and traveling the world!

Live Culture, Live Fitness!

What the Definition of Fit By Culture Means

The brand Fit By Culture represents my formation and growth into adulthood through experience, humility, and life abroad. Exposure to diverse cultures has helped to shape and mold me into the person that I am today. Literally, this brand discloses a strong message; Multi-cultural experiences and travel can undoubtedly help to shape and mold a person into a well-rounded, open-minded individual if one allows it.

What one must unavoidably come to realize is that we are all Fit By Culture in one way or another. This discovery is, more often than not, recognized at relative times and ways. Personally, I apprehended the Fit By Culture mission by living as a native in both Argentina and Brazil. Experiences in simple housing situations, day-to-day activities, etc., enabled me to appreciate the little things and pushed me to develop a deeper sense of humility, joy, gratitude, and lifelong lessons. What I didn’t realize early on was I was slowly tapping into a passion of mine, which forever changed my life. I will eternally be touched and inspired by all of it.

Through constant molding, refining, and shaping each day, I have become enriched into a better person, and thus, I have shared this enhancement with my loved ones, friends, and significantly, my family, enriching and transforming them into better individuals as well. We share our story to help people grow both physically and culturally. Fit By Culture isn’t just a typical fitness brand; it is a brand driven by the lives which are inspired and transformed every day through fitness and culture. Today, I am fortunate to have a beautiful family that formulates a major part of the Fit By Culture story. Ensure that TODAY you are allowing yourself to be Fit By Culture as well! By doing so and opening your mind, your life will never ever be the same.